Picture Me Organized

Organize your photos. Curate your memories.

Share yourself.


Picture Me Organized offers innovative and practical methods of photo & video organization, integration, and safe-guarding to connect and share our most meaningful moments

- and preserve them for the next generation.

We professionally scan printed material and digitize analog media.

We consolidate the photos & videos from all of your devices, 

organize it, and provide a cloud backup solution to keep it safe.

We also help you create a contingency plan so those you designate

can access your library now and in the future


We are delighted to work at your home or office - or via remote sessions.

It's easier than you might think!


Picture Me Organized can also help you find creative ways to share those memories.

We create inspiring slideshows and elegant photo books. 

Photos = Joy

​Let's face it; if you're overwhelmed by photo & video chaos these days - there's a good reason. 


That's why photo managers are passionate about their work. We are problem solvers and memory curators. 


Picture Me Organized is here to find solutions for the confusion. We offer expert advice and services to:

  • Organize & Professionally Scan Images & Documents

  • Digitize a Variety of Analog Media (VHS, DVD, CD, Reel-to-Reel, etc.)

  • Setup Backup Systems (Physical and Cloud-based)

  • Remove Duplicates and Junk

  • Design Elegant Photo Books, Slideshows, & Movies

  • Gather & Preserve Family History

  • Create Online Galleries & Websites

  • Provide Photo Management Education & Instruction



As a professional photo manager and digital media consultant, my passion is helping others find ways to preserve the precious photo & video memories that connect us to what is most meaningful: the moments, emotions, events, and people that shape us.


I am thrilled to share my love of photography, my technical expertise, and my enthusiasm for storytelling with those who need assistance and inspiration to share their story.



 Owner & Chief Memory Curator


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Picture Me Organized was founded in 2014 in Davidson, NC. We proudly serve the Charlotte metro-area and Lake Norman.
We are also pleased to offer remote services throughout the U.S. (It's easier than you think!)