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Picture Me Organized is a service that specializes in scanning photos and digitizing videos.


Organize your photos  
Curate your memories  Share yourself



Picture Me Organized offers innovative and practical methods to

organize and safeguard all of your photo and video memories.

We are proud to partner with to offer a

complete memory keeping solution.

We scan all types of printed photos and media, digitize video and film,

integrate it with today's digital files,

and offer an organized system to secure and enjoy it.


Picture Me Organized can also help you find creative ways to share those memories.

We offer inspiring slideshows, elegant photo books, video

playbooks, and unique gifts. 

We Can Help

If you are overwhelmed by photo chaos, changing technology, and the many options to tackle it - You're not alone. 


That's why photo managers like me are passionate about their work. We are problem solvers and memory curators. We clear the clutter to make room for the joy. 


Picture Me Organized is here to help clients:

  • Organize and remove duplicates and junk

  • Professionally scan prints, documents, artwork and memorabilia of all types utilizing Forever's state-of-the-art media conversion services

  • Digitize analog media (VHS, DVD, Reel-to-Reel film) as well as slides and negatives

  • Create private and reliable backup systems - both physical and cloud-based

  • Design elegant photo books, video playbooks, slideshows, framed prints, and unique gifts

  • Offer solutions to preserve family history

  • Provide education & instruction (to individuals as well as businesses)


About Me

Photographs connect us to what is most meaningful: The memories, the moments, the places, and the people that shape us.

As a professional photo manager for more ten years, my passion is helping others organize, preserve, and share their photo and video memories. I am thrilled to share my love of photography, my technical expertise, and my creativity with those who need assistance and inspiration to curate their own memories.

Let's face it - our photos should not be a source of worry or stress. We cherish them because they bring joy and connection!

Let's get started!




Lisa Brueggemann

Owner & Memory Curator

Picture Me Organized


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Picture Me Organized offers photo organizing and digitizing for movies and video



Contact Us

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We look forward to being in touch.

Picture Me Organized was founded by Lisa Brueggemann in Davidson, North Carolina in 2014.
We proudly serve clients in the Carolinas and throughout the United States.
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