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See what our clients are saying...

it almost makes us blush.


Picture Me Organized is proud to say our customers return again and again - and we appreciate referrals from friends, family, and colleagues.

We are so thrilled with all of the photos! You have no idea how much this means to us. Dad shared special stories I have never heard. He was so excited to see these images and relive these memories. Truly, the hard work you have done has provided joy that will be forever cherished... thank you!

-Rachel L.

Greensboro, NC

"As much help as this was, the project I am most proud of was the book put together for me of my late husband's photos. I had not been able to take the photos down from the memorial board we created. With the help of Picture Me Organized, they collected the photos, scanned them, edited them, and put together a beautiful book of my husband's life that I now have for my son and me to cherish - and share with all those who loved him.

The project was such a success that it inspired my dad to start going through pictures of his late parents. With a gift certificate from Picture Me Organized, I got him started on his own storytelling journey. 


Picture Me Organized has helped me tackle in one month, projects that would have taken me years to accomplish. I highly recommend them and look forward to continuing to work on many more projects." 


-- Pamela  Z.

Davidson, NC

The photobooks... are amazing. They are so well done and will be something we will treasure forever. [Picture Me Organized] did a great job. Thank you so much."

​ - Matt G.

The Cannon School

Thank you so much. The whole experience of packing and moving a lifetime of photos, while making funeral arrangements, was overwhelming - and you just picked up that room full of pictures and made magical things happen. You did such a great job under some very unfortunate circumstances,  and I found a new friend!  Good luck with your business.

                              - Pat S.

                              Cornelius, NC

Lisa Brueggemann, the owner of Picture Me Organized, has a passion for helping people pull photos out of dark, dusty corners -whether in shoeboxes or computer folders- and actually enjoy them. She is an excellent photographer and uses that artistic eye to choose the very best representations of events both large and small. I love that she provides many options to her clients so they can enjoy them in an organized online album, a printed photo book, or a gallery wall...  As a professional organizer, almost every client I have is faced with the dilemma of what to do with their stacks of photos in boxes and bags. I am happy to be able

to refer them to a trusted resource."

- Karin S.

Huntersville, NC

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