Hiring a professional photo manager is much like hiring an interior designer, personal trainer, or landscaper. We help you establish goals and develop a plan to reach them. 


If you want to do it yourself, we'll give you the systems and training. If you need a partner, we'll take you step-by-step at a pace that meets your time and budget. Or if you are simply out of time and patience, turn it over to an expert, and we'll tackle the job from start to finish.


Picture Me Organized uses best practices to organize your photo and video memories - with you or for you. Organizing is simply a systematic process, taken one step at a time:

  • Set a goal for your project & a timeline to achieve it.

  • Collect all of your media (prints, hard drives, phones)

  • Sort it into categories & discard duplicates or unwanted shots.


Why digitize? There are so many reasons: to prevent inevitable degradation, make it accessible, and perhaps most important of all - it's part of what makes you - well - you. Integrate the old with the new, and we know you'll be glad. 

  • Scan printed and analog media.

  • Consolidate it to one master library.

  • Save it by creating a digital hub, which is backed up physically and in the cloud.

  • Utilize an excellent organizing system that offers keywording & album construction to access it the way you want.


After your photo memories have been organized, digitized, and safeguarded, you're ready to share them - that's the best part. The options are endless: prints, photo books, slideshows, wall art, screen savers... you get the idea.

Picture Me Organized pricing is competitive in the market and quality and service are our top priority. We will provide a written estimate for scanning, digitizing, custom books, slideshows - whatever your project requires.


Tell us about your goals, and we will customize a plan to meet your needs.

Organizing & Safeguarding Systems


For long-term, secure storage, organizing, sharing, and creating, we recommend

  • Storage is both permanent & guaranteed.

  • Your data is secure - NO data mining. You maintain all rights to your content and how it is used.

  • No hidden fees or charges.

  • No advertising

  • One payment and you own it - no endless payments.

  • It is a complete solution: storage, organizing, editing, and design & printing.

  • Data is automatically migrated as formats change (think 8-track tapes!).

  • Photos are saved in full resolution (no compression).

  • Files can be shared & downloaded in full resolution as often as you choose.

  • Metadata stays attached (date, keyword, filename).

  • Video can be saved full resolution or optimized to save storage.

  • Excellent organizational tools: albums, tags, descriptions, metadata adjustment (e.g. date change).

  • Privacy is your decision: collections can be kept private, shared, or made public (think genealogy).

  • You determine a contingency plan for your library, safeguarding it for the next generation. 

  • Because Forever is focused on safeguarding photos & videos, its engineers are on the cutting edge of the latest tech.

  • Quality media Conversion is offered for prints, slides, negatives, and all movie types.

  • Premium printing on archival paper for prints and books, additional items offered. 

  • Mobile app - option to sync across all devices. All you need is an internet connection and your library is available to you wherever you are.

    Don't forget to check for DEALS - frequent sales can save you 20-40%!

For clients who prefer to store files natively on their computer or hard drive (with reliable backups!), we recommend It offers sophisticated editing, facial recognition, optional cloud storage of your choice, and tremendous organizing options. It does have a sizeable learning curve to be used effectively and is best for those who are willing to learn how to utilize its power. It is free to use for up to 3 devices and 20,500 photos and requires an annual subscription for larger libraries.

For clients who prefer to store files natively on their computer or hard drive, but need a safe, secure cloud backup with unlimited storage, no file compression & privacy choices. is a tremendous option. It's like a personal website to organize, share & enjoy your collection for a reasonable annual subscription.

Although we don't recommend relying on Apple Photos for long-term organizing & preservation - for many of us - it's part of life and we wouldn't want to do without it! We are experts at helping you get your iPhone - or any phone -under control so you don't fall victim to the endless scroll.

We do not recommend Google Photos, Shutterfly, or any business that uses your information for their profitability or cannot guarantee your privacy and the safety of your photos & video library.

For more recommendations, check out our Resources.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do with your photo & video collection.

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