As a certified professional photo organizer and digital media consultant, my passion is helping clients find ways to enjoy & share their life narrative through photos and video. I am thrilled to share my love of photography, my technical expertise and my passion for storytelling with those who need assistance and inspiration to tell their own story. 

If you are searching for a way to manage printed photos, organize a digital collection, curate memorable videos or perhaps all of those things - we can help. Hiring a professional photo organizer is much like hiring an interior designer, personal trainer or landscaper. We help you establish goals and develop a plan to reach them.


If you want to do it yourself, we'll give you the systems and training. If you need a partner, we'll take you step by step at a pace that meets your time and budget. Or if you are simply out of time and patience, turn it over to us and we'll tackle the job from start to finish, integrating your treasured memories into a system that is organized and ready to share.


Organize       Digitize        Share

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We are here to partner with you to organize your photo and video memories with the best methods and practices - or simply turn it over to us and we'll do it for you.


Print media is scanned and video/film transferred to digital format (see Digitize pricing).


The newly digitized library is saved to a portable external hard drive that is compatible with IOS or Windows and copied to a web-enabled, encrypted backup system available to enjoy and share.  



GATHER your media (photos, slides, negatives, video, children's art, etc.)


We DIGITIZE your collection and upload it to a cloud-based account that offers secure hosting (we recommend SmugMug, Forever, Mylio or Apple Photos) so that you can view and share with family & friends (as well as on social media) as you choose. 


After you're photo memories have been organized, digitized and safeguarded, you're ready to share those memories -

that's the best part!


We suggest photo books, slideshows, and of course printed photos framed in just your style. 

Elegant Photo Books

Classic Hardcover
Professional semi-matte, 90 lb. paper, 20 pages, image-wrap cover
Size                  Cost        
8"x 8"               $159 
11"x8"              $179        
12"x12"            $199
Additional pages may be added to classic size books at $5 per page.
Premium Hardcover
Choice of matte or lustre, 110 lb. paper, 20 pages, image-wrap cover and lay flat pages
Size                   Cost        
8"x 8"               $199       
11"x8"              $235      
12"x12"            $265
Additional pages may be added to all premium size books at $6 per page.
Our 20-page books are suitable for approx. 25-75 photos, depending on size and resolution. Pricing includes simple layout and minimal cropping or editing. If photos require additional design or editing, an hourly charge may be added.
Contact us to provide a custom quote for you.

Slideshows are a magical way to honor family or friends, celebrate an occasion or remember a special event. Let us create a keepsake for you.


Slideshow packages begin at $225. Here's just a peek at what we can do for you!


* Movie formats may include VHS/VHS-C, MiniDVD,

   Video8, Hi-8, Digital8, Micro-MV.


* Pricing is for up to 8"x10" and scanned at 600 dpi 

  resolution to allow cropping.


* We recommend and will provide a 2 TB portable, 

   external hard drive, priced competitively (Win or Mac

   compatible) to preserve your collection. Price TBD

We are delighted to customize a package that meets your needs. Just ask us.

Sample of videos for memorials & special occasions

Sample of videos for trips or events