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Organizing is a Process

If you are overwhelmed with managing print or digital photos - we get you!

We believe that one organized, shareable, and preserved library is not just a lofty dream - but an attainable goal. Organization is a process, so take it one step at a time.


Picture Me Organized photo collection


​Organizing is simply a systematic process, taken one step at a time:

  • Set a goal for your project & a timeline to achieve it.

  • Collect all of your media in one location (gather prints, movies, hard drives, flash drives, tablets, phones, etc.)

  • Sort it into categories & discard duplicates or unwanted shots and place it in some sense of chronological order.



Why digitize?

To prevent inevitable degradation, make it accessible, and perhaps most important - to enjoy it. Integrate the old with the new - you'll be glad you did!

  • Scan print media (photos, important documents, awards).

  • Digitize analog media (VHS, DVD, Reel film).

  • Add metadata (embedded date info.) to make it searchable.

  • Consolidate it to one master library.

  • Save it by creating a digital hub, backed up physically and in the cloud.

  • Utilize an excellent organizing system to find what you need.




After your photo memories have been organized, digitized, and safeguarded, you're ready to share them - that's the best part. The options are endless: prints, photo books, slideshows, wall art, screen savers....

Picture Me Organized pricing is competitive in the market and quality and service are our top priority. 

Tell us about your goals, and we will customize a plan to meet your needs. 

Family  Photographs

We Recommend Forever

Forever is a simple, comprehensive, and permanent solution designed to safeguard your photo and video memories. It is permanent, private, offers simple organization and sharing, and it is accessible from any internet connection.

Forever allows you to:

  • Convert print media and digitize all types of video and add date metadata to track it.

  • Integrate scanned or digitized media into a current digital library.

  • Organize it chronologically and in collections the way it makes sense to you,

  • Add identifying words to locate it easily - or even include the stories behind the image,

  • Share it easily and privately,

  • Safeguard it for the future.


Here's why we believe it is the best choice:

  • Forever Cloud Storage is both permanent & guaranteed.

  • Your data is secure - there's NO data mining. You maintain all rights to your content and how it is used and you decide who can access it.

  • No hidden fees or charges.

  • No advertising.

  • One payment and you own it for life. There is no endless 'renting' storage - only to lose it when you stop paying. (Forever does allow clients to spread storage payments over 24 months for convenience - but then it's yours!)

  • Forever has a robust mobile app - so you can access your library from any on-line connection - and keep it in sync. The Forever App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Forever specializes in state-of-the-art conversion for prints, slides, negatives, and all movie types. Once converted, the digital files are placed directly in your private Forever account to be organized and integrated with your digital library.

  • Forever automatically migrates your files as formats change over time (think 8-track tapes).

  • Your photos are saved in full-resolution (there's no file compression), and files can be shared & downloaded in full resolution anytime.

  • Metadata (file name, date, keyword/tag) can be easily manipulated and stays attached when you download the file - critical for tracking digital media.

  • Video can be saved in full resolution or optimized to save storage.

  • Forever offers excellent organizational tools: albums, tags, descriptions, metadata adjustment - so you can add the stories behind the images.

  • You determine access to your permanent library - now and for the future - so those you designate can inherit your family memories.

  • Because Forever is focused on protecting your photos & videos, its engineers are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Their business is preserving memories.

  • Forever offers premium printing on archival paper for prints and books, as well as a variety of photo gifts

  • If you are interested in digital scrapbooking - Forever and its partner company, Artisan wrote the book. The sky is the limit. 

Here are just a few examples of what we can do with your photo & video collection.

Photo Book and family history and genealogy
Video Sample of Chile Business Trip

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Wedding Photo Album
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